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Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd.

(Wholly owned by Govt.of Madhya Pradesh) "Will Power to Wheel the Power"

Our Pursuits

The Company’s mission is to provide uninterrupted, efficient and reliable transmission services and ensure sustained commercial viability. In order to achieve this mission, Company has continuously expanded and strengthened its Transmission System in accordance with load growth. The transmission capacity has grown up by 426.57% since inception, while the Transmission Network has grown by 226.27% during this period of around 18 years. As against this capacity, the peak load successfully met by the company during the year 2020-21 in 15425 MW on 31.12.2020 at 09.30 Hrs. The Company’s activities interleave include:-
1. Power Transmission within the state periphery.
2. Operation and maintenance of transmission assets.
3. Development of Intra-state transmission networks for evacuation of power from new generating stations & meet out the load growth.
4. Ensure integrated operation of power system & carryout optimum scheduling & dispatch of electricity in the state.
5. Provide non-discriminatory open Access in its transmission system as per provisions of Electricity Act 2003 & MPERC Regulations to this effect.

The Company is determined to achieve the goal of improving its operational and commercial efficiencies which would lead to improved quality of supply and customer service.