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MP Power Transmission Company Ltd. is one of the leading state owned Transmission Companies of India. Its Journey started from the year 2002 and in quest of excellence, the company’s performance has been applauded year by year in various quarters over different functional horizons, as may be evident from the below mentioned recognitions/ awards conferred upon this company:-

CBIP Award 2018 :- The company has been awarded the CBIP Award 2018, on 3rd January 2018 by Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP), New Delhi for Best Performing Power Transmission Utility.

India Power Award 2015 :- The company has been awarded the 8th India Power Award 2015, in November 2015 by the Council of Power Utilities, New Delhi for its valued contribution to the Energy Sector under the category “Remarkable Projects” for “Construction of 400kV Satpura-Ashta Transmission Line” implemented through Public Private Partnership mode.

India Power Award 2011 :- In November 2011 for developing an innovative technique for reducing transmission losses through reduction of circulating MVARs in the system without any financial commitment, Council of Power Utility, New Delhi has given this award under the category-Innovation in Design, Execution and Operation of projects..

National Award for expeditious commissioning of 220 KV S/s Kotar :- In March 2012, Ministry of Power Govt. of India conferred Silver Shield to MPPTCL, for early completion of 220KV Kotar Sub-Station.

India Power Awards 2008 :- Council of Power Utilities, New Delhi has conferred upon this Company India Power Award 2008 for Overall Utility Performance in Transmission (for efficient project management practices), in November 2008.

Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, Gold Shield :- In March 2008 for expeditious completion of the project on installation/commissioning of 160 MVA power transformer at 220 KV sub-station, Pithampur. It was given away by Hon'ble Union Energy Minister.

Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, Silver Shield :- In March 2007 for expeditious completion of Indirasagar-Indore 400 KV line. This award was for the work completed during the year 2005-06. It was given away by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

IndiaTech Foundation, Mumbai :- India Tech Excellence Awards 2007 to this Company (Runners Up) for its overall good performance in taking initiatives relating to power sector reform activities

Charlton Media Group Singapore :-
i. Asian T&D Project of the year (2006) for speedy and timely completion-in spite of many odds–of transmission project on power evacuation from 1000 MW Indira Sagar Hydro Electric Project.
ii. Asian Power Utility of the year (2006) for overall Best Performance of this Company.

The Transmission loss level in the company has been brought down to the level of 2.59% in the year 2019-20 which is significantly lower than erstwhile loss level of 7.93% as prevailing at the time of company’s inception. Similarly, the Transmission capacity has been brought up to the level of 18000 MW during 2019-20 from the level of 3890 MW in the year of company’s inceptions in the year 2001-02. There parameters indicate the volume of Transmission System strengthening & expansion program under taken in the past years.

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