Employee Name Designation Office Name Year Download
Sunil Kumar Tiwari Managing Director MD Office 2021
Suresh Chandra Sabre Sr. Steno MD Office 2021
B K Parmar Sr. Steno MD Office 2021
Om Prakash Yadav O.A.Gr-III MD Office 2021
S.K.Gaikwad Chief Engineer CE(HR&A) 2021
R.K. Dixit E.E. CE (HR&A) 2021
Rajesh Kumar Sharma E.E. CE (HR&A) 2021
Arun Kumar Budholia S.E. CE (HR&A) 2021
Rajib Kumar Nikhra S.E. (CC) CE (HR&A) 2021
Shankar Chakravarty S.E. (CC) CE (HR&A) 2021
U.K.Tiwari S.E. (CC) CE (HR&A) 2021
Yogesh Kumar Dixit E.E. (CC) CE (HR&A) 2021
Narendra Kumar Tiwari E.E CE (HR&A) 2021
C.S.Shukla A.E. CE (HR&A) 2021
Ritu Jain C. S. CE (HR&A) 2021
Lata Dongre SO CE (HR&A) 2021
Mahesh Takhtani A.E.(CC) CE (HR&A) 2021
D.G.Goswami J.E. CE (HR&A) 2021
R.K.Mishra Addl. O.A.Gr-I CE (HR&A) 2021
M.A.Beg Sr. Steno CE (HR&A) 2021
Rakesh Kumar Vishwarkarma Sr. Steno CE (HR&A) 2021
P.R.Vishwarkarma Addl. Sr.Steno CE (HR&A) 2021
Manju Khatri Addl. Sr.Steno CE (HR&A) 2021
A.K.Soni Addl. Sr.Steno CE (HR&A) 2021
Manjulata Koshta Addl. Sr.Steno CE (HR&A) 2021
U.S.Sahu Asst. DM CE (HR&A) 2021
A.K.Pascal Addl. Asst. D.M. CE (HR&A) 2021
R.N.S.Parihar O.A. Gr.-II CE (HR&A) 2021
S.K.Shukla O.A. Gr.-II CE (HR&A) 2021
K.L.Soni O.A. Gr.-II CE (HR&A) 2021
C.S.Dubey Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
A.M.Bahadur Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
S.K.Puneewar Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
B.P.Pandey Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
S.K.Dey Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Rajesh Kumar Gupta Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Bharti Shrivastava Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Rajendra Dutt Tiwari Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Anil Kumar Koundal O.A. Gr.-III CE (HR&A) 2021
Anil Kumar Agarwal O.A. Gr.-III CE (HR&A) 2021
Purusottamn Das Agarwal O.A. Gr.-III CE (HR&A) 2021
Archna Jain O.A. Gr.-III CE (HR&A) 2021
Sunetra Khadson O.A. Gr.-III CE (HR&A) 2021
S.K.Kanojia Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Bhuvneshwar Chouksey Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Shashidharan Shankaran Photographer cum Artist CE (HR&A) 2021
M.K.Shrivastava O.A. Gr.-III CE (HR&A) 2021
Deepak Wanikar Addl. O.A. Gr-II CE (HR&A) 2021
Durgesh Parashar Addl. C.E. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Sanat Kumar Jain S.E. (CC) Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Prafulla Kumar Pare A.E. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Amit Kumar Tiwari J.E. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Ashish Kumar Jain J.E. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Krishna Kumar Gautam D.M. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Ram Gopal Trivedi Addl.D.M. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Surya Kant Mishra Addl.D.M. Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Smt.Vineeta Sengar Addl. Sr.Steno Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Vijay Kumar Mishra Addl. O.A.Gr.-II Addl. C.E. (Civil) 2021
Hursh Shrivastava EE MD Office 2021
Dhirendra Singh E.E. CE (HR&A) 2021
Sudhir Kumar Agrawal Executive Director ED(HRDI) 2021
Sunita Mishra S.E. ED(HRDI) 2021
Pradeep Kumar Choudhary E.E. ED(HRDI) 2021
R.K. Chakrawarti J.E. ED(HRDI) 2021
Anjana Paigwar O.A.Gr.-I ED(HRDI) 2021
Noorjahan Sajid Addl. Sr.Steno ED(HRDI) 2021
D.P Vishwakarma O.A.Gr.-II ED(HRDI) 2021
Manjusha Rayeen O.A.Gr.-III ED(HRDI) 2021

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