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Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd.

(Wholly owned by Govt.of Madhya Pradesh) "Will Power to Wheel the Power"

ERP Circulars

CIRCULAR Expenditures related to Operation and Maintenance works. CFO/MPPTCL/Accounts/149/2237 22-07-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Entry of transactions on relevant posting date and fiscal year i.e accounting year. CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1796 24-02-2021
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-28, Modification to this office ERPCircular no. 15A. AS/MPPTCL/V/2604 26-09-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-27, Discontinuation the legacy system i.e. Sybase for capturing financial transactions. AS/MPPTCL/V/1867 08-07-2020
CIRCULAR Account Circular No-39, Revised accounting procedures for Accounting of income from O&M contract of S/S/Line/others with third parties /Income from Renting /hiring contract for use of MPPTCL Asseets by the third parties and other Miscellaneous Income received in accordance with ERP system w.e.f. 01.08.2020 CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1108 16-07-2020
CIRCULAR Account Circular No-38, Revised accounting procedures for processing of the Suppliers/Contractors/ Revolvingg fund/RTA Crop/RTA fuel/Temporary Advance bill/ othes bills against Expences transaction passed by the field executive for pre-audit and payemnt by RAO/HQ in accordance with the ERP system w.g.f. 01.08.2020 CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1107 16-07-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-25, Deactivation/deletion of employees self service (ESS)/Managerial self service(MSS)/SAP ERP (ECC) login credentials provided to personal of MPPTCL, due to separation on various ground. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/IT&ERP/V/1258 01-05-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-26, Circular regarding ERP. CFO/MPPTCL/ACCOUNTS/149A/1494 01-06-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-23, Circular regarding ERP. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/IT&ERP/V/296 06-01-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-21, Circular regarding FLM. AS/MPPTCL/V/235 01-01-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-22, Updation of CL, OL and EL leaves quota in ERP. AS/MPPTCL/V/238 01-01-2020
CIRCULAR ई आर.पी. अवकाश अवगत कराने बाबत़ AS/MPPTCL/V/3802 13-12-2019
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-20, To Activate ESS A/c. AS/MPPTCL/V/3428 15-11-2019
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-18, Implementation of ERP in MPPTCL:Opening & Closing period of material posting. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/2347 30-07-2019
CIRCULAR Looking period of HR related master data maintenance during payroll processing. AS/MPPTCL/E-V/2224 23-07-2019
CIRCULAR Departments for Master Data related Codes. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2201 19-07-2019
CIRCULAR Consequent upon implementation of ERP w.e. from 03.12.2018 Legacy System for Transmission Stores Accounting and Transactions shall be stopped w.e. from 31.07.2019 onwards.Now thereafter all receipt and issue transactions and store accounting shall be made through ERP only. AS/MPPTCL/Cir./IT&ERP/V/2163 18-07-2019
CIRCULAR Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. AS/MPPTCL/Cir./IT&ERP/V/2163 18-07-2019
CIRCULAR Allotment Of Cost Center/Location Code. CFO./Accounts/Circular/149A-II/688 27-05-2019
CIRCULAR Tenders shall be issued on the basis of Purchase Requisition (PR). AS/MPPTCL/Cir/IT&ERP/V/1163 08-04-2019
CIRCULAR Allotment Of Cost Center/Location Code. CFO./Accounts/Circular/149A-II/410 26-03-2019
CIRCULAR Correction in service book to upload in ERP. AS/MPPTCL/V/866 08-03-2019
CIRCULAR Accounting procedure for passing the Bill of Materials/Services/Retentions of Suppliers/contractors and making/realizing payment thereof in ERP System.. CFO/ERP/276 27-02-2019
CIRCULAR To Activate ESS A/c. AS/MPPTCL/Cir-/IT&ERP-cell/V/596 12-02-2019
CIRCULAR Leave process in ERP. CFO/MPPTCL/ERP/96 21-01-2019
CIRCULAR Leave process in ERP. AS/MPPTCL/V/244 16-01-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding the medical leve, optional leave, earned leave etc.of the officers and employees after implemenation of ERP. CFO./Accounts/Circular/V/242 16-01-2019
CIRCULAR Change of profit Centre of SUB-LDC Bhopal &SUB-LDC, Indore from their Respective RAOs, Bhopal & Indore RAO, SLDC Jabalpur. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/V/142 08-01-2019
CIRCULAR Processing of RA Bills in respect of Supply Orders and various Turnkey/ Non Trunkey/ Services Contracts. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/V/3367 31-12-2018
CIRCULAR Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. CFO/ERP/1614 31-12-2018
CIRCULAR Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. CFO/ERP/1552 17-12-2018
CIRCULAR Tenders shall be issued on the basis of Purchase Requisition (PR). No.AS/CFO/ERP/1196 01-12-2018
CIRCULAR Activities During cut over period. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/3047 16-11-2018
CIRCULAR Circular regarding cutover plan for ERP Go-Live. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/3047 16-11-2018