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Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd.

(Wholly owned by Govt.of Madhya Pradesh) "Will Power to Wheel the Power"


43 CIRCULAR Circular regarding award policy of the company. AS/MPPTCL/233 16/01/2018
19 Notification Increase/decrease in monthly PF subscription DD/PF/BOT/3100 27/01/2015
18 CIRCULAR Deduction of PF subscription 12% DD/PF/3099 27/01/2015
17 CIRCULAR Award Policy and Amendments CE(CA) -
385 ORDER Order regarding internet connnectivity . No.AS/MPPTCL/2558 23/09/2020
384 ORDER Order regarding Regarding implementation of Samadhan online program . No.AS/MPPTCL/2545 22/09/2020
383 ORDER Order regarding HOD's of O/o CE(P&D),Jabalpur and O/o CE(Trans.-EZ) . No.AS/MPPTCL/2116 31/07/2020
382 ORDER Order regarding "First appellate officer" . No.AS/MPPTCL/1940 14/07/2020
380 ORDER Order regarding EPF . No.AS/MPPTCL/F-476/379 26/06/2020
379 ORDER Amendment order regarding upgradation of Annual Confidential Report. No.AS/MPPTCL/1695 22/06/2020
378 ORDER Order regarding "First appellate officer" . No.AS/MPPTCL/5/1583 10/06/2020
377 ORDER Suggestion for Lightening/Lightening Strike . No.AS/MPPTCL/5/1517 03/06/2020
376 ORDER Circular regarding ERP. No.AS/MPPTCL /CIR/IT&ERP/V/1494 01/06/2020
375 ORDER Regarding the usage of online certified copying software system and to consume the online copying fees with the help of module. No.AS/MPPTCL /3315/2576/2020/13 30/05/2020
374 ORDER Clarification on payment of stipend to apprentices and reimbursement of stipend to establishment under NAPS during COVID-19 Lockdown. AS/MPPTCL/ED(HRD)/NAPS/ 771 06/05/2020
373 ORDER Order for Extension of Services of Outsource Computer Operator AS/MPPTCL/E-I/1341 16/05/2020
372 ORDER Shri Yaduraj Rai, Accounts Officer, (C.C, Dy. Director P.F.), attached to O/o Chief Financial Officer, MPPTCL, Jabalpur with additional charge of the Secretary, Board of Trustees (BOT), MPEB Contributory and General Provident Fund Trust till joining of SMT. Amrisha Rawat , Account Officer (P.F). AS/MPPTCL/1270 02/05/2020
371 ORDER With a view to ensure effective maintenance of EHV lines under jurisdiction of TLM Sub Dn., Chachai, it has been decided to shift-,the headquarter of TLM Sub Division Chachai to shahdol alongwith staff, Materials, T&P and Vehicle etc. As a result of shifting of headquarter, all the works being looked after by TLM Sub Division Chachai, looked after by TLM Sub Dn., Shahdol. AS/MPPTCL/1288 08/05/2020
370 ORDER Circular for option of gratuity for retirees AS/MPPTCL/1355-56 20/03/2020
368 ORDER One Day Salary donation of MPPTCL's Officer/Staff in Chief Minister Relief Fund for COVID-19 Disaster Management AS/MPPTCL/1213 30/03/2020
367 ORDER Extension of Computer Operator/ Data Entry Operator AS/MPPTCL/1202 24/03/2020
345 ORDER Circular regarding ESS Login-Id for Class-III and Class-IV Employee . AS/MPPTCL/3428 15/11/2019
344 ORDER Regarding EPF . AS/MPPTCL/1416 13/11/2019
343 ORDER Order regarding . AS/MPPTCL/3347 05/11/2019
341 ORDER Order regarding Class-III and Class-IV Employees AS/MPPTCL/3303 01/11/2019
334 ORDER Order regarding the amendment in the Rights booklet relating to determination of compensation amount and distribution of compensation for land used for MPPTCL line works. AS/MPPTCL/3047 10/10/2019
333 ORDER Order regarding Diwali Bonus. AS/MPPTCL/3005 03/10/2019
330 ORDER Order Regarding D.A for Pensioners. AS/MPPTCL/2869 21/09/2019
323 ORDER On the sad demise of former Chief Minister Shri Babulal Gaur, the official holiday is announced after lunch on 21.08.2019 . AS/MPPTCL/2586 21/08/2019
316 ORDER Order for Samvida Employees . AS/MPPTCL/2476 07/08/2019
314 ORDER Closing of Legacy System for store accounting w.e.f. 31.07.2019- Extension thereof AS/MPPTCL/2458 06/08/2019
313 ORDER Order for following Line Attendant (Contract) AS/MPPTCL/1274 06/08/2019
310 ORDER Order regarding "CM Help Line" AS/MPPTCL/2403 03/08/2019
309 ORDER Circular regarding issue of MRC for material in respect of received at site store AS/MPPTCL/2375 02/08/2019
306 ORDER Implementation of ERP in MPPTCL: Opening & Closing period of material posting AS/MPPTCL/2347 30/07/2019
300 ORDER In partial modification to this office order No. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/ORD/2246-47 dated 23.07.2019, Shri Mahesh Kanade, SE (On CC), (T&C) Circle, Nagda is hereby posted as EE(Sub-LDC). AS/MPPTCL/2269 24/07/2019
299 ORDER Locking period of HR related master data maintenance during payroll processing . AS/MPPTCL/2244 23/07/2019
291 ORDER Order rearding holiday on 09 August 2019. AS/MPPTCL/2192 19/07/2019
285 ORDER Order regarding Petition. AS/MPPTCL/1937 03/07/2019
283 ORDER D.A. Order AS/MPPTCL/1886 27/06/2019
282 ORDER Order regarding introduce / update Options For MPPTCL employees. AS/MPPTCL/1801 20/06/2019
270 ORDER The following hospitals marked through various orders of Madhya Pradesh Public Health and Family Welfare Department, Bhopal are identified under the company's prevalent medical fulfillment rules. . AS/MPPTCL/1581 27/05/2019
267 ORDER Order regarding general holiday for Election day. AS/MPPTCL/1368 27/04/2019
266 ORDER Order regarding EPF for retired employee. AS/MPPTCL/112 20/04/2019
265 ORDER Order regarding D.A. for pensioners. AS/MPPTCL/1239 16/04/2019
264 ORDER Order regarding holiday on Good Friday. AS/MPPTCL/1225 15/04/2019
260 ORDER Following EE (Transmission) have successfully completed the probation period. AS/MPPTCL/884 08/03/2019
257 ORDER The following Junior Engineers /Assistant Engineer (TBPS)/ (T&D)/(Civil), are granted benefit of Third Time scale pay for the post of Superintending Engineer under IIIrd option . AS/MPPTCL/4328 08/03/2019
255 ORDER Order regarding D.A. AS/MPPTCL/852 07/03/2019
240 ORDER order regarding First salary for recruitment to regular posts of company . AS/MPPTCL/650 15/02/2019
238 ORDER Circular regarding avoiding use of unauthorised software along with other precautions while using computers in the offices. AS/MPPTCL/596 12/02/2019
237 ORDER Circular regarding Biometric E-attendance. AS/MPPTCL/619 12/02/2019
236 ORDER In order to facilitate proper and effective imprementation of ERP project "i-BEST" the designation of shri S. S. Patel, is mentioned as EE, be read as SE instead. AS/MPPTCL/567 06/02/2019
234 ORDER In order to facilitate proper and effective imprementation of ERP project "i-BEST" following officers shall be the members of this core group. AS/MPPTCL/439 02/02/2019
233 ORDER Order regarding nodal officer of transmission company for Shri Amit Mehroliya . AS/MPPTCL/427 01/02/2019
232 ORDER In contracts for hiring of computer operators to be placed henceforth, the following clauses shall be mandatorily incorporated. AS/MPPTCL/422 01/02/2019
230 ORDER Payment of professional fee and other incidental charges are being made to the Advocates/Senior Advocate, whenever they are engaged as Company's Counsel for court cases or assigned with the jobs of legal nature. AS/MPPTCL/360 28/01/2019
227 ORDER Order regarding Anukampa niyukti. AS/MPPTCL/2772 05/10/2018
218 ORDER The probation period of Shri A.K. Dehariya, Private Secretary wrking in the office of CE(T&C) MPPTCL,Jabalpur has successfully completed his period on 29.04.2017. AS/MPPTCL/297 19/01/2019
211 ORDER Order regarding EPF. AS/MPPTCL/1726 10/01/2019
209 ORDER Order regarding change of profit centre of SUB-LDC, Bhopal and SUB-LDC,Indore from their respective RAOs, Bhopal and Indore to RAO SLDC Jabalpur. AS/MPPTCL/142 08/01/2019
203 ORDER Order regarding higher pay for Shri Sanjay Kumar Bhardwaj. AS/MPPTCL/3204 29/12/2018
200 ORDER List of Holidays-2019. AS/MPPTCL/3203 07/12/2018
199 ORDER Circular regarding Anukampa Niyukti. AS/MPPTCL/3196 12/12/2018
197 ORDER Order regarding EPF Interest Rates. AS/MPPTCL/1466 16/11/2018
195 ORDER EPF-Final Payment Form. AS/MPPTCL/598 26/06/2018
194 ORDER Order regarding nodal officer for refutation of document pertaining to PMO. AS/MPPTCL/2658 25/09/2018
193 ORDER Order for retired pensioners/Family pensioners. AS/MPPTCL/2653 24/09/2018
191 ORDER Oreder regarding nodal officer for Chief Minister Helpline. AS/MPPTCL/2435 29/08/2018
190 ORDER Order regarding P.F . AS/MPPTCL/785 26/07/2018
189 ORDER Order Regarding performance award/certificate in MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/1982 11/07/2018
187 ORDER Acquired diploma in Electrical/Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering by obtaining department permission AS/MPPTCL/1971 10/07/2018
186 ORDER Order regarding hiring of heavy commercial vehicles i.e Trucks in MPPTCL. AS/MPPTCL/1562 24/05/2018
185 ORDER Order regarding light motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles. AS/MPPTCL/1893 29/06/2018
184 ORDER Order regarding online PF slip. AS/MPPTCL/520 19/06/2018
183 ORDER Order regarding International yog divas. AS/MPPTCL/1810 19/06/2018
182 ORDER Regarding monthly billing of hiring of vehicles . AS/MPPTCL/1564 24/05/2018
181 ORDER Regarding approved organization structure of MPPTCL the sanctioned staff for newly created Transmission store division Gwalior. AS/MPPTCL/1570 24/05/2018
180 ORDER Order regarding formation of separate division on temporary basis to ensure physical verification of solar and wind projects . AS/MPPTCL/1519 23/05/2018
178 ORDER Order for Shri Yaduraj Raj, Account officer(GTIS) O/o chief finance officer, Jabalpur . AS/MPPTCL/1495 19/05/2018
174 ORDER MPPTCL samvida sevices (Contract and Service Terms) Ammendment rules-2018 . AS/MPPTCL/E-1/1081 03/04/2018
173 ORDER Order regarding Employee provident fund trust AS/MPPTCL/2270 03/04/2018
171 ORDER Order regarding CUG mobile sim facility to MPPTCL employees. AS/MPPTCL/1036 27/03/2018
170 ORDER As the DGS&D has been discontinued,therefore, MPPTCL has decided to avail, the facility of GeM portal in place of DGS&D. AS/MPPTCL/1003 24/03/2018
166 ORDER Order AS/MPPTCL/698 24/02/2018
165 ORDER Order regarding B.G AS/MPPTCL/593 16/02/2018
164 ORDER Order for deceased/retired officers/ employees from MPPTCL on or after date 01-01-2016. AS/MPPTCL/548 09/02/2018
162 ORDER Order regarding 7th bhopal vigyan mela(BVM-2018) . AS/MPPTCL/447 03/02/2018
161 ORDER Committee for review and revise the Delegation of Powers (DoP) Booklet . AS/MPPTCL/295 20/01/2018
160 ORDER Order related to "transco surbhi" quarterly Magazine of M.P Power Transmission Company . AS/MPPTCL/154 09/01/2018
158 ORDER Order for Appellate officer. AS/MPPTCL/167 10/01/2018
157 ORDER Fast Track Action Modification order . AS/MPPTCL/204 12/01/2018
156 ORDER Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility Festilization in Madhya Pradesh. AS/MPPTCL/3708 21/11/2017
155 ORDER Pay revision of officers and staff of Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Co. Ltd. AS/MPPTCL/E-6/4116 29/12/2017
154 ORDER Bank account for collection of revenue at RAOs. AS/MPPTCL/1967 15/12/2017
153 ORDER By the transport department criteria for mandatory / mandatory formalities for driving AS/MPPTCL/3904 08/12/2017
152 ORDER Samvida service(Contract and service terms) for Extension of Junior Engineer . AS/MPPTCL/2047 08/11/2017
151 ORDER (AMENDMENT) Amendment in Provident Fund Trust. AS/MPPTCL/1477 27/10/2017
150 ORDER Seprate Division on temporary basis at Indore AS/MPPTCL/3170 04/10/2017
149 ORDER Corporate Affairs (CA) Office is renamed as Human Resource & Administration (HR & A) Office AS/MPPTCL/3177 05/10/2017
147 ORDER Ammendment in MP Civil Services (Pension) Rule 1976 AS/MPPTCL/2726 28/08/2017
143 ORDER (AMENDMENT) Amendment in Provident Fund Trust. AS/MPPTCL/892 24/07/2017
140 ORDER Regarding monthly billing of hiring of vehicles in MPPTCL. AS/MPPTCL/IV/VEH/2337 21/07/2017
139 ORDER (AMENDMENT) Relaxation in submission of PF Slip with PF Part Final withdrawal/Loan Application Form. AS/MPPTCL/883 20/07/2017
137 ORDER Display of STANDING STANDRAD ORDER on notice board AS/MPPTCL/VI/2185 11/07/2017
136 ORDER Regarding performance award/certificate in MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/III/1057 07/07/2017
135 ORDER Regarding payment through RTGS/NEFS/ E-payment only AS/MPPTCL/1013 21/06/2017
134 ORDER Sanction payment of intrest for the financial year 2016-17 AS/MPPTCL/302/17-18/48 09/06/2017
133 ORDER Sanction payment of intrest for the financial year 2017-18 AS/MPPTCL/302/17-18/580 09/06/2017
132 ORDER Regarding GST Registration details AS/MPPTCL/GST-1/48 21/06/2017
131 ORDER Recommandation and Reports of Madhya Pradesh State Senior Citizens Welfare Commission AS/MPPTCL/III/1936 23/06/2017
130 ORDER Regarding MPPTCL CUG SIM AS/MPPTCL/1826 15/06/2017
129 ORDER Regarding MPPTCL employee's PF details online AS/MPPTCL/585 09/06/2017
128 ORDER Regarding MPPTCL employee's PF Account AS/MPPTCL/586 09/06/2017
127 ORDER Regarding MPPTCL employee's medical reimbursement AS/MPPTCL/IV/1792 14/06/2017
126 ORDER Rental charges in MPPTCL Rest House at E-4 Arera Colony, Bhopal AS/MPPTCL/V/1812 14/06/2017
124 ORDER Revised rates of TA/DA order AS/MPPTCL/V/1442 15/05/2017
123 ORDER Order for daily wages working labour AS/MPPTCL/1423 12/05/2017
122 ORDER Regarding Panjab National Bank(PNB) AS/MPPTCL/1375 08/05/2017
120 ORDER Member of Board of Trustees of General Provident Fund AS/MPPTCL/1237 22/04/2017
118 ORDER Regarding internal vigilance cell AS/MPPTCL/II/1023 28/03/2017
117 ORDER Family Welfare Program AS/MPPTCL/EE-V/979 23/03/2017
116 ORDER Rearding Women Complaint Cell AS/MPPTCL/V/981 24/03/2017
115 ORDER Rearding decentralization of work of profile approval, tower spotting, route- Agninent, revetment & bench cutting for EHV lines AS/MPPTCL/EE-I/917 21/03/2017
114 ORDER Order of Chief Engineer(Transmission-Central Zone),Chief Engineer(Transmission-West Zone) & Chief Engineer(Transmission-East Zone) at Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur respectively AS/MPPTCL/I/ORD/618 20/02/2017
113 ORDER Opening of Bank Account for Cashless Transactions AS/MPPTCL/V/97 07/01/2017
109 ORDER Regarding payment of Partial Final Withdrawal/GPF loan AS/MPPTCL/Estt./5158 20/12/2016
107 CIRCULAR Regarding New Recruitement Policy AS/MPPTCL/E-I/13/ 4081 29/10/2016
106 ORDER Suspension of Recognized Hospitals From 01/07/2016 AS/MPPTCL/IV/4047 26/10/2016
105 ORDER Corrigendum Bonus Order no. AS/MPPTCL/4064 27/10/2016
104 ORDER Order regarding Salary/Pension for the month of October 2016 AS/MPPTCL/EStt./4030 25/10/2016
103 ORDER C.R.Review commitee to examine and consider the representations of the class-I &II officers AS/MPPTCL/II/3581 19/10/2016
101 ORDER Order regarding Proposal submission AS/MPPTCL/3046 26/07/2016
100 ORDER Partial modification of Order no. 551 dtd. 22.02.2010 and 901 dtd. 29.03.2010 for Transmission Store Gwalior AS/MPPTCL/III/CA/2978 21/07/2016
97 ORDER Higher pay scale of the post of Executive Engineer,under first option,9 year rule of Assistant Engineers(Trans) AS/MPPTCL/II/2909 15/07/2016
96 ORDER Interest rate for GPF /Contributory Provident Fund for year 2015-16 302/16-17/727 14/07/2016
95 ORDER Interest rate for GPF /Contributory Provident Fund for year 2015-16 302/16-17/726 14/07/2016
93 ORDER Partial modification to clauses 28(a), 28(b), 29(a) and 29(b), of Part-A, Section I (Works) along with the Clause 3 of Part A Section II (Stores) of the Booklet on "Delegation of Powers"CORRIGENDUM AS/MPPTCL/DoP/1192 02/07/2016
92 ORDER Committee to examine and consider the representations of the Class-III & IV employees against "D" Grade remarks recoded in their ACR AS/MPPTCL/II/2531 27/06/2016
91 ORDER Committee to review and revise the Delegation of Power booklet AS/MPPTCL/IIII/2091 23/06/2016
89 ORDER Shri N.P. Gupta, SE(EHT-M), Bhopal Nodal Officer for Disaster Managements AS/MPPTCL/III/2007 18/06/2016
88 ORDER New Contributory Pension to GPF: Ref MP GoMP F 9-10/2013/Rule/4 dtd. 11.12.2013 AS/MPPTCL/II/1911 13/06/2016
86 ORDER MPPTCL Contract Service( Contract & terms of Services) Rule, 2016 AS/MPPTCL/II/1725 30/05/2016
85 ORDER Qualification regarding promotion of Testing Attendant in company cadre. AS/MPPTCL/II/1720 30/05/2016
83 ORDER First Appellant officer-RTI-2005. AS/MPPTCL/1367 25/04/2016
78 ORDER Creation of new EHT-C Dn. Rewa and EHT-C Dn.-II Ujjain AS/MPPTCL/ORD/III/968 11/03/2016
77 ORDER Net banking facility for administrative and field offices of MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/ESTT/809 29/02/2016
76 ORDER MP lok Seva (Promotion) rule-2002-JE to AE & AE to EE AS/MPPTCL/II/613 16/02/2016
75 ORDER MP Civil Service (Leave) Rule-1977-Child Care leave AS/MPPTCL/II/611 16/02/2016
74 ORDER Stitching charges of liveries cloth AS/MPPTCL/576 12/02/2015
50 ORDER Promotion order of Shri Sudhir Kumar Agrawal AS/MPPTCL/IV/406 04/02/2016
49 ORDER MP Lok seva (Promotion) Rule 2002-Corrigendum AS/MPPTCL/II/165 13/01/2016
48 ORDER Nodal officer for Vidhan Sabha AS/MPPTCL/IV/3249 21/11/2015
47 ORDER Fast Track Action (Partial Modification order 282 dtd. 28.01.2013 AS/MPPTCL/II/2959 19/10/2015
46 ORDER Committee for review and revise the Delegation of Powers (DoP) Booklet AS/MPPTCL/III/2758 05/10/2015
45 ORDER Extension of effective date for start of functioning of Zonal CE (Trans.) AS/MPPTCL/III/2681 30/09/2015
44 ORDER Creation of Zonal Chief Engineer Offices AS/MPPTCL/III/2377 31/08/2015
43 ORDER Recognition of C.H.L Hospital, Indore AS/MPPTCL/IV/1995 22/07/2015
42 ORDER Implementation of Self-Certification system AS/MPPTCL/II/1547 08/06/2015
41 ORDER HRA for Scheduled Areas AS/MPPTCL/V/1532 05/06/2015
40 ORDER Payment of professional fee and other incidental charges for Advocates/Senior Advocates engaged as Company's Counsel for Court cases or assigned with jobs of legal nature AS/MPPTCL/II/1504 04/06/2015
39 ORDER First Appellant authority for RTI related issue MPPTCL/RTI/1425 29/05/2015
38 ORDER Committee to examine and consider the representative of the Class-I & II officers AS/MPPTCL/II/1041 27/04/2015
37 ORDER Member of Board of Trustees of GPF AS/MPPTCL/II/1020 24/04/2015
36 ORDER Member of Board of Trustees of GPF AS/MPPTCL/943 16/04/2015
35 ORDER Vigil Mechanism Policy of MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/II/89 05/03/2015
34 Notification Increase/decrease in monthly PF subscription DD/PF/BOT/3100 27/01/2015
33 ORDER Pay Fixation of the Dy. Directors AS/MPPTCL/III/351 09/02/2015
32 ORDER Anukampa Niyukti Neeti
Relaxation in Educational/Technical Qualification
31 ORDER Promotion Orders AS/MPPTCL/IV/3550, 3576,3578, 3559,3561,3554 3580 26/12/2014
30 ORDER Maternity Benefit for Contract Employee AS/MPPTCL/II/3148 21/11/2014
29 ORDER Ex-gratia to family of deceased employee while in service CE(CA)/III/2875 22/10/2014
28 List List of Hospitals Identified by MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/IV/2778 09/10/2014
27 ORDER Reimbursed cost of liveries cloth AS/MPPTCL/2305 14/08/2014
26 ORDER Shri Krishna Hridyalay, Nagpur Authorized Hospital AS/MPPTCL/Con/IV/2145 31/07/2014
25 ORDER MP BIRLA Hospital Satna Authorized Hospital AS/MPPTCL/IV/1732 23/06/2014
24 ORDER Women Complaint Committee AS/MPPTCL/982 22/03/2014
23 ORDER Withdrawal from GPF Account AS/MPPTCL/2821 09/01/2014
22 ORDER Investigation & Treatment Charges (Jabalpur Hospital) AS/MPPTCL/IV/581 18/02/2014
21 ORDER Authorized Hospital AS/MPPTCL/IV/585 18/02/2014
20 ORDER Communication of Grading Recorded in Annual CR AS/MPPTCL/199 18/01/2014
19 ORDER Direct Entry Pay Band-III; Direct Entry AS/MPPTCL/VIII/117 10/01/2014
18 ORDER Framing of proposals for seeking approval of MD-MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/V/3354 29/10/2013
17 ORDER Pay Fixation Strategy for Company Cadre AS/MPPTCL/VIII/3098 03/10/2013
16 Notification Notification of company cadre employee AS/MPPTCL/VIII/2827 11/09/2013
15 ORDER Option form & List of Dying Cadre Order AS/MPPTCL/2297 30/07/2013
14 ORDER Grant of Compensation in Lieu of non-availing Gazetted Holidays AS/MPPTCL/VIII/1260 10/05/2013
13 ORDER Anukampa Niyukti Neeti AS/MPPTCL/1495 01/06/2013
12 ORDER Tampering with the Date of Birth recorded in the Service Books of the Employee/ Officers No. 01-13/57 15/11/1999
11 ORDER Pension Communication AS/MPPTCL/1149 02/05/2013
10 ORDER MPSEB Terminal Benefits Trust AS/MPPTCL/665 05/03/2013
9 ORDER Fast Track Action AS/MPPTCL/IX/282 28/01/2013
8 ORDER Pay Fixationl AS/MPPTCL/3757 24/12/2012
7 ORDER Annuity Scheme AS/MPPTCL/3678 17/12/2012
6 ORDER Delegation of Power AS/MPPTCL/ORD/3225 08/11/2012
05 ORDER Selection Committees for Recruitment AS/MPPTCL/Estt/1660 29/06/2012
04 ORDER New EHT Construction Division AS/MPPTCL/ORD/1345 04/06/2012
03 ORDER New EHT Maintenance Circles AS/MPPTCL/IV/585 07/05/2012
02 ORDER Testing Division AS/MPPTCL/ORD/1044 03/05/2012
01 ORDER Creation Of New 400kv Sub/Station Circles AS/MPPTCL/ORD/965 01/05/2012
7 ORDER Order regarding following representatives are hereby appointed as member of board of trustee of general provident fund to represent the cadre as indicated against their names for the period of 2 years or untill nomination of a substitute member by the respective company in that particular cadre . AS/MPPTCL/1585 27/05/2019
6 ORDER Shri Arun Kumar Shakya, Executive Engineer (T&D) working in the office Executive Engineer (Testing) Division, MPPTCL, Shivpuri, whose appointment was made on probation for a period of two years vide order No. AS/MPPTCL/IV/3549-50 dated 08.12.2015 has successfully completed his probation period on dated 18.12.2O17. AS/MPPTCL/836 06/03/2019
5 ORDER Shri Digamber Gattewar, Senior E.D.P.offlcer working in the office of Chief Financial Officer MPPTCL, Jabalpur, whose appointment was made on probation for a period of two years vide order No. AS/MPPTCL/IV/2618-19 dated 24.09.2015 has successfully completed his probation period on dated 27.09.2019. AS/MPPTCL/832 05/03/2019
4 ORDER Shri Vijay Kumar Doifode, Accounts Officer o/o Regional Accounts Officer, MPPTCL, Jabalpur, whose appointment was made on probation for a period of two years vide order No. AS/MPPTL/IV/25O4-05 dated 11.09.2015 has successfully completed his probation period on dated 10.09.2017. AS/MPPTCL/830 05/03/2019
15 ORDER Order regarding HOD's of O/o CE(P&D),Jabalpur and O/o CE(Trans.-EZ) . No.AS/MPPTCL/2116 31/07/2020
14 ORDER Order regarding "First appellate officer" . No.AS/MPPTCL/1940 14/07/2020
13 ORDER The following Officers, who were appointed as Assistant Engineer(Transmission), on probation for a period of 2 years, have completed the probation period successfully and hereby confirmed on thevpost of Assistant Engineer. AS/MPPTCL/3051 10/10/2019
12 ORDER The following Officers, who were appointed as AE(Transmission), on probation for a period of 2 years,, have completed the probation period successfully and are hereby confirmed on the post of AE (Transmission) in company structure of MPPTCl. AS/MPPTCL/2497 08/08/2019
11 ORDER Shri S.K. Gaikwad, Addl.CE(Current Charge) CE(TR-EZ) Jabalpur , is designated as the 'First Appellate Authority' for the disposal of the first appeals. AS/MPPTCL/2507 08/08/2019
10 ORDER Shri Vinit Kumar Yaduwanshi wha was appointed as Assistant Engineer(Transmission), on probation for a period of 2 years , has successfully completed the probation period and hereby confirmed on the post of Assistant Engineer(Transmission) AS/MPPTCL/2481 07/08/2019
9 ORDER Shri Lal Choudhary, Account Officer O/o Chief Finance Officer, MPPTCL, Jabalpur, whose appointment was made on probation for a period of two years has successfully completed his probation period on dated 24.01.2018. AS/MPPTCL/1720 12/06/2019
3 ORDER Ms. Neha Gupta Account officer, is appointed as Grievance Redressal officer in Mpptcl. AS/MPPTCL/655 15/02/2019
1 ORDER The following EE(Civil) whose appointments were made on probation for a period of two years have successfully completed the probation period . AS/MPPTCL/3342 04/11/2019