ISO 9001:2008 Certified Substations, Lines & Offices

Sr. No. Name of Circle Name of Substation Certification No. Certified Year
01. Bhopal Sultanpura 132 kV RQ91/10488 2019-20
02. Khirkiya 132 kV RQ91/10478 2019-20
Sr. No. Name of Line Certification No. Certified Year
01. 400kV Indore – Pithampur DCDS EHV line RQ91/10362 2019-2020
02. 400kV Malwa TPH – Chhegaon DCDS EHV line RQ91/10641 2020-2021
Sr. No. Name of Office Certification No. Certified Year
01. Oil Testing Lab, Jabalpur RQ91/10816 2020-2021
02. Testing Dn.-II Jabalpur RQ91/10781 2020-2021


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