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The Transmission network of State of Madhya Pradesh is growing rapidly both in terms of size & complexity. This expansion is mainly driven by the phenomenal growth of demand of electric power, increasing no. of players, location of generation pockets and implementation of Open Access Policy. While these factors necessitate the expansion of the State Transmission Network, it must be accompanied by adoption of a dedicated system for On-line monitoring, measurement and control of complex transmission system network. The Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd. (MPPTCL), a state- owned Transmission Utility, facing challenges of operation and maintenance of State Transmission System with its reducing man-power and operations of 73% EHV substations (235 nos.) already out sourced, has implemented a State-of-the-Art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) to meet its requirements. With the successful implementation of SCADA System, MPPTCL has become the country’s first state transmission utility to install SCADA for monitoring, operations & control of state transmission system. The Transmission SCADA System is helping in improvement of the operational efficiency and in meeting one of the most important objective of maintaining more than 99% Transmission system availability. SCADA is a centralized system which monitors and controls an entire site for real-time operation. The information can be automatically or manually exchanged between remote facilities and the centralized Control Centers. Data acquisition begins at the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) which exchanges data with connected field devices or sensors. The control center, in turn, exchanges data with RTUs via Communication Networks.

Under this scheme, three Transmission SCADA Control Centres have been established at Jabalpur, Bhopal & Indore and so far, 312 nos. substations have been integrated with the respective Control Centres. Also, a Local Data Monitoring System (LDMS) has been installed at each EHV substation alongwith seven nos. of Remote Viewing Terminals (RVTs) at various locations.

The Local Data Monitoring System (LDMS) also performs the same operation of acquiring data, tele-control from RTUs via Ethernet over IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. The EHV substations are equipped with PC/ printer with suitable local SCADA software to view the data & printing of daily/hourly log sheets. The LDMS is a mini SCADA System proving MMI capability for use in the Substations Control Room building. It stores all real time telemetered and calculated data every five minutes (adjustable). All alarms, events, SOE, etc. are stored on regular basis. It is possible to generate reports highlighting the maximum, minimum, average with associated time-stamping etc. of all the substation parameters. The LDMS system has the provision of manual entry also.

There are several parameters which need to be monitored for efficient monitoring of transmission System. Due to remoteness of the sub-station sites coupled with the fact that personnel have to travel long distances to sub-station sites, monitoring & control was a difficult task. MPPTCL’s SCADA system is custom developed for monitoring & control of all such parameters for efficient operation of grid. Following table gives details of salient parameters envisaged in the system for monitoring & control purpose:

  • Circuit Breakers: ON/OFF Status, Low SF6 Gas Pressure Alarm.
  • Monitoring of Protection and Communication Battery Chargers & Batteries.
  • Control of 33 kV feeders (approx. 3000 Nos.).
MPPTCL’s SCADA System is benefiting in number of ways, some of which are as under:
  • Automatic data logging and generation of reports.
  • Effective Control & Operation of all EHV substations through the real time information.
  • Effective monitoring of functioning of Out Sourced Agencies employed for sub-station operations.
  • Event sequence recording at EHV substations.
  • Operation Interface for Automatic Demand Management System Scheme (ADMS) of Discoms.
  • Reduction of Transmission losses by control of voltages & circulating MVAR through the centralized information.
  • Accurate reports for future planning of State Transmission System.
  • Saving in running cost by optimizing operation & maintenance cost & reducing risk of failure of sub-station equipments.
  • Identify potential risks to take preventive action in advance.
  • Accurate centralized information help in quality monitoring of power supply. Improved services to customer.
  • Longevity of the equipment’s life by real time monitoring.
  • Overcoming shortage of man power by automatic data logging and generation of all system reports.
  • Preparation of precise MIS & Performance Standards of Transmission System for State Regulatory Commission.
  • Quality Monitoring of Power Transformers, CT, PT, Circuit Breakers, Multi Function Meters and Protection & Communication Battery Charger/ Battery sets etc.

Implementation of SCADA System is a dynamic process that requires constant updation to keep pace with the evolving IT environment. Going forward, MPPTCL plans to integrate the SCADA System with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), automation of EHV substations, integration with Surveillance System and the Load Shedding Schemes like Automatic Under Frequency & Rate of change of frequency (DF/DT), among others. Further, utilization of Transmission SCADA System for implementation of Automatic Demand Management System (ADMS) in the state, as per clause no. 5.4.2 (d) of CERC (IEGC), Regulations 2010, has been considered & implemented by the company. The ADMS is helping in safety and security of grid through automatic load shedding and automatic load restoration.

SCADA is an integral part of MPPTCL’s long term goal to meet the objectives of the State Govt. of supplying 24x7 quality electric power. Successful implementation of the SCADA project is a step forward in this direction. This technology is crucial in improving visibility of the state transmission grid and strengthens reliability by providing a dynamic status of the system at any given moment. It facilitates early detection of any forthcoming harmful event and ensures an optimal response. With the implementation of SCADA System the operational efficiency of MPPTCL has been improved.

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Comments of Distinguished Visitor's

“ Sincerly, a Sysytem that makes us proud. ”
- Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, IAS, Addl. Chief Secratary, Energy Department, Govt. of MP.
“ The SCADA Control centre of Transmission by the Transco is the State-of-the-Art facility commissioned at Jabalpur. Perhapes, first in the country, the facility is maintained excellently and the System explained by the operation Engineer who know their job. I wish them great success in their effort to monitor the System at Substation level. My good wishes. ”
- Shri V.S. Varma, Member CEA, Former Member CERC
“ Very Happy & Honoured to visit this landmark facility of India. Looking forward to seeing more of this operational in other states as well towards a more integrated national energy System. ”
- Nelson Guevera, Asian Development Bank

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